60 yard training

Here is why the 60 yard dash is so important.

It’s the first things you do at a baseball showcase.

You run the 60 yard dash before your hit, field or even throw a baseball.

Why. Because it’s baseball’s traditional way of accessing talent. Here is where it get’s interesting. It’s flawed.

The 60 yard dash not only does a poor job of accessing athletic ability that translates to sports specific movements in baseball, but there are loop-holes within the sprint that a smart baseball player could exploit and leverage to run a faster 60 yard dash without necessarily working on his explosive speed, strength, quickness or running mechanics.

Here is the “Even Better” news.

Nothing is going to change.

High-school baseball players who aspire to play at the next level will always have to run the 60 yard dash to showcase their abilities.

It’s just the way it is, which is great because with the right information and without he right strategy, not only will you be able to position yourself as valuable future prospect but you’ll be positing yourself as a ballplayer that is able to play at the next level based on a faster than usual 60 yard dash time.

Take it from me. I attribute a large part of my college baseball recruiting success with to my 60 yard dash time.

I ran a 6.7 in high-school and by the time I was a JR in college, I was down to a 6.4.

Did I become a faster runner? Yes, but probably only by one or two tenths of a second. The other one to two tenths which is a lot by the way, came from knowing how to exploit certain loop-holes within the 60 yard dash at a showcase.

I had a plan….

and so should you.

The question is. How fast do you wan’t to run your 60?