Ever wonder why the first thing scouts and recruiters do at a baseball showcase is run the 60 yard dash?

Baseball scouts use the 60 yd dash as a way to quantify the athleticism and projections of a baseball player!

The good news is there is a whole lot that you can do today to dramatically increase your value as a future prospect by finding little ways to increase your 60 yard dash.

My name is Mark Brooks and I’m the founder of Art of Baseball Productions.

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60 yard dash.net is a resource site dedicated to informing the baseball community about the 60 yard dash, the potential it can provide the player, and overall importance it has in increasing the value a player has as a future prospect.

  • run a faster 60 yard dash
  • prepare for a baseball showcase
  • and help them develop their tools to play at the next level

The articles that have been provided have all been created and edited by Mark Brooks of Art of Baseball Productions.

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