I’ve been getting a lot of email from Art of Baseball fans about what a good 60 yard dash time looks like. What I have been telling them is that it really depends on what position you play.

This will be a quick explanation of an average 60 yard dash time in regards to  MLB 60 yard dash times.

Here is the thing, each player has a role and for some of those roles the 60 yard dash is not that important but on the other hand, having an impressive 60 will increase your value as a future prospect which could pay dividends in the near future for you and your baseball career.

So just because you’re a 6’4 husky power hitter, don’t think that having a decent 60 is unimportant.

It still is!

So with that being said here is break down of a good 60 yards dash in regard to position.

( These time are representative of the standards at the professional level. So just because you’re a freshman in high school or college even, there is always time to get better. There is no room for being discouraged for not meeting these standards. There is however, room for growth, always!)

Middle Infielders – 6.6 or below.
Some professional hold these standards to quantify potential range. Some teams will insist you move to the corner position if you don’t run a 6.6 60 yd, in which they will be looking for a player who hits for more power.

Corner infield positions– 7.0 or below

Centerfield – 6.6 or below. Like the mid-infield positions, these standards help scouts quantify possible range. If you’re a centerfield who is slower than this time, than proving that you have incredible instincts and the ability to read the ball of the bat consistently is absolutely essential.

Corner outfield positions– 6.9 or below

Catcher– Inconsequential

Pitcher– Inconsequential

Remember- these 60 yard dash times are the standards set by most professional baseball scouts but it’s important to note that nothing is set in stone. Chances are you will have the opportunity to be evaluated as a prospect on a daily basis which provides you with the opportunity to showcase your other skills.

There is always an exception to the norm though it is rare. Ex. Dustin Pedrioa 7.1 60 Yard Dash