Carlos Beltran, Justin Christian, Matt Adams

The easiest way to increase your player profile and predictability is to run a faster 60 yard dash.


So why do so many players take this aspect of skill-sets for granted?

For some it’s because they don’t think they can get faster. They sell themselves short.

For others they think they’re  already fast enough. In many ways they’re both wrong.

Here are the facts. With the correct information and the right strategy, running a faster 60 yard dash is completely within someones power to accomplish. It really isn’t as hard as you think.

What I like telling the players that I work with is that the first step to having a faster 60 yard dash time is first getting crystal clear as to what you personal 60 yard dash goal is.

What do you want your 60 time to be at the end of your high-school or college baseball career?

Get specific. Specific goals will get you specific results.

Broad goals will get you broad results.

If you wan’t to run a faster 60, get a specific goal.

If you’ve read this far, then I’d like to hear what your goal is. In the comment box down below, share with me you personal 60 yard dash goal and what you would be willing to do to achieve it.