Funny enough, a lot of baseball parents and players are completely unaware of the importance of the 60 yard dash times as well as training to increase the overall 60 yard dash training.

They hear stories of a  Jose Reyes 60 yard dash time and assume that this kind of skill set will eventually come in time without doing the work required to get the results you would like in baseball.

When a players is trying to decide what areas of opportunities there are in regards to increasing their value in the eyes of a professional and or college baseball recruiter, one of the first things I tell them is to ,” work on speed!!”

Speed immediately increases a player’s value simply because a fast 60 yard dash time indicates athleticism.

The good thing is, there are a handful of things that a baseball player looking to increase his overall baseball running speed. The trick is to take daily action, understand basic and correct sprinting technique and mechanics, and continue training until you begin to see increases in your speed.

Easy enough right?

Well the bad thing is, these increases in speed take time. For some players, a lot of it.  It will take a certainly level of patience to continue with your training if you don’t see results soon enough.

A lot of baseball players fall short of becoming faster because the quit just before they were getting ready to break through that threshold.


If you want to become a faster baseball player, then choose today that you will increase your 60 yard dash, and you won’t quite until you become a player fast enough to get the attention of baseball scouts and college recruiters!